Robshaw & Bayfield go head-to-head … in the pub.

If you thought running out to represent your country was an intense test of mental and physical resilience, think again.

If you thought the tension of facing off against the mighty Haka was palpable, you were wrong.

QBErugby has unveiled the most daunting of challenges, that will put even the most steeliest of nerves to the test …

Ladies and gentleman, boy and girls … presenting … the QBErugby Beermat-Flipping Challenge!!


Such is the stress that comes with even attempting this most brutal of challenges, even elite athletes have crumbled, England rugby captain Chris Robshaw among them.

But not Martin Bayfield. Perhaps playing a cyclops in Wrath of the Titans has given him an extra tough edge or perhaps it’s just an indication of a misspent youth, but Bayfs admirably soaks up theĀ pressure, clocking up a staggering number of beermats flipped. [It probably also helps having ridiculously large hands.]


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