A Honey Badger Tribute

Never corner a Honey Badger – or so goes the phrase – for the ‘crazy nastyass’ mustelid [biology lesson: that’s a kind of carnivorous mammal] has a ‘thick skin and ferocious defensive abilities’ [thank you Wikipedia].

For anyone not up to speed with their YouTube hits [the aim of this blog is not to be some kind of biological/pop culture lecture, we promise] the ‘crazy nastyass’ refers to this video sensation which has now been watched over 67 million times:

Enter Nick Cummins, the curly-mulleted Western Force winger who’s been capped 12 times for the Wallabies. Affectionately given the ‘Honey Badger’ nickname by his team mates, here’s the man himself explaining why:

Enter Denis Carnahan, an Aussie songwriter and satirist who has taken it upon himself to honour the ‘Honey Badger’ – that’s Cummins, btw, not an actual Honey Badger – with a song. Hilarious stuff:


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