Beach Rugby … in London

It’s summer – all the signs are there. Scantily-clad ladies (pro), the light creeping through the curtains at 5am (con), BBQs (pro), the slightly overweight guy on your commute who has a permanent sweaty aroma to him, even first thing in the morning (con).

And of course there’s the lack of rugby. A bit of touch to pass the ‘down-season’ is about the extent of the usual summer’s rugby endeavours but London Beach Rugby is changing all that. Started in 2013 with immediate success, the first annual London Beach Rugby event was hosted in Covent Garden. This year the 5-a-side touch rugby tournament is rolling out to a more corporate end of the city, taking place at Canary Wharf on 1st & 2nd August.


Building on last year’s success, when 26 teams and x spectators descended on the West End, and x tons of sand were wheeled in for the event, the Canary Wharf event is expected to be even bigger.

32 teams from the corporate world across are set to compete on the Friday across finance, property, insurance, surveying and saw firms, the top two teams in each group progressing to the knockout stages. And on the Saturday it’s the turn of the clubs, universities, sides from abroad, you name it really.

Doom Bar

Among those sides sponsors Doom Bar are pulling together a crack unit of 10 players to play at the upcoming tournament, with one lucky winner able to pull together a ten man squad of their choosing. Bit of beach rugby and a few beers with your mates in the Doom Bar tent? You know you want to!

The competition can be entered easily via the Sharps Facebook and Twitter pages and entries are open until next Friday 25th.

Doom Bar Rugby 2

And entry to the event itself is free for spectators, though if you’re feeling generous do make a donation to Help for Heroes, the chosen charity, while you’re there.


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