The Robin Williams XV

According to the Daily Telegraph Robin Williams was a rugby fan. So it seems fitting to conjure up a XV in honour of the man who provided us with so much joy, using plays on his movies and film characters.

So, we are proud to unveil the Robin Williams XV:

1. Os-ric du Randt – Kenneth Brannagh’s 1996 edition of Shakespeare’s classic saw Williams playing the courtier sent to summon Hamlet to duel with Laertes

2. Sean ‘Adrian’ Cronin-auer – the lively Armed Forces Services Radio DJ joined Leinster on his return from Vietnam

3. Nick ‘Patch’ Adams – ex Wasps front row who used humour to heal all his teammates’ injuries

4. Danie ‘Teddy’ Rossouw-velt – the abrasive, South African, waxwork version of the 26th President of the United States

Danie Roosevelt

5. Mick the Munch-ausen Skinner – the eccentricities of Williams’ floating head in the children’s fantasy, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, will forever remain with kids who grew up in the 80s! Nor will anyone tackled by Mick Skinner forget it anytime soon.

6. Don Armand Goldman – ex-Western Province flanker now plying his trade at Exeter , whilst running a Miami Beach drag club

7. Norman Fender – Williams voiced Fender in the 2005 animated film and Norman was a dual-code star who represented Wales in the 30s

8. Andy ‘Jack’ Powell – the golf-buggy driving Welshman who ages four times as fast as normal

9. Will Genie-a – the pint-sized scrum half could probably squeeze into a magical lamp but I’m not sure he’d grant you three wishes

Will Genie-a

10. Mork-ne Steyn – now you know the reason for him being able to slot a 53m penalty in the dying minutes of the 2nd Test against the British and Irish Lions in 2009 – he’s actually an alien from the planet Ork

11. Jumah-nji Lomu – OK not the best word play, we’ll admit, but chosen largely because of the resemblance to the film’s stampeding rhinos

Which would you rather tackle?

Which would you rather tackle?

12. Dominic ‘Sean’ Maguire – Aussie centre who took on the British and Irish Lions in 1989 before turning to psychology to help a troubled young mathematical genius

13. James Hook – need we explain?

14. Michael ‘John’ Keating – the Rotherham Titans speedster shares his surname with Williams’ character in Dead Poets Society

15. Garp Ziegler – another of Williams’ enjoyable early characters trying to make it as a serious writer whilst playing at full back for Bayonne


The real struggle was weaving in Mrs Doubtfire – any suggestions? Post them below.


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