Rugby: a sport for men with odd-shaped balls

… or so the saying goes.

And a sport that doesn’t take itself too seriously – just look at the Stade Français kit.

So in keeping with the sport’s ability to embrace the occasionally flamboyant, Oddballs produce a series of delightfully garish boxers, designed to keep your odd-shaped balls at bay. From a design only a 70s hippy could have concocted, to a kind of fluorescent Tetris and a series of bold animal prints, Oddballs’ range of boxers manages to just toe the line on the right side of extreme psychedelia.

It’s the type of underwear that only a man truly confident in his own masculinity would dare pull on. The kind of underwear that Superman would wear in the 21st Century. Or Chuck Norris.

And perhaps more practical given the recent drop in temperature, Oddballs also do some very cosy bobble Obble hats.

Oddballs Morgan ScotlandBack to the rugby … famous faces from the aforementioned sport of odd-shaped balls have been jumping on the Oddballs band-wagon including Richie Gray and Ben Morgan, as well as players from Saracens and the Cardiff Blues.

Oddballs SaracensOddballs CardiffSo in the words of Oddballs, if you’re “sick of plain old boring pants, come and join the revolution,” and they’ll also donate 10% of your well-spent cash to testicular cancer charities.

Not sold on the idea of sporting a dazzling bright pair of undies and helping a good cause? Go to and you will be!


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