Arctic Rugby Challengers successfully play the northernmost game of rugby in history

Following our series of chats with Steve Henry, we’re delighted to report that he and his merry band of explorers have successfully returned from the Magnetic North Pole.

Arctic Rugby North Pole

The group of Arctic Rugby Challengers trekked 100 miles and experienced temperatures as low as minus 30◦C, in a bid to create a Guinness World Record for the northernmost rugby match in history. Wooden Spoon took on the challenge in order to raise £300,000 for disadvantaged and disabled children across the UK and Ireland.

The team, which also included former international rugby stars Tim Stimpson and Ollie Phillips, faced treacherous conditions during the trek and arrived at the Magnetic North Pole exhausted, then had the not small task of setting up a rugby pitch on the Arctic ice. As required by Guinness World Records, posts were erected and the perimeter of the pitch was measured and marked all to World Rugby regulations. Stimpson’s team came out on top of a closely contested 17-14 victory.

Steve, who was on #teamtim said: “The whole challenge was amazing but it was the group of guys that made the experience. Even when things got tough, the team were cheering each other on, having a laugh and making it a lot of fun.”

Winning skipper Stimpson said; “We’re pleased with the win. Having played a lot of rugby up in Newcastle I’ve played in some chilly conditions but this was another level all together.”

Ex England 7’s captain, and Captain of #teamollie, Ollie Phillips commented; “I can’t quite believe that we’ve done it, it’s an amazing feeling. The Arctic is an incredible yet dangerous place and we needed to be on the top of our game to make sure we didn’t make any mistakes during the trek as one lapse in concentration could have been catastrophic.”

It’s not too late to donate to this fantastic cause – following the successful completion of the Arctic Rugby Challenge, Wooden Spoon is asking the public to support the challengers in their continued efforts to raise £300,000. Steve’s sponsor page is: or you can text the word “POLE49″ and “£” followed by any amount to 70070.


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