Say Merry Christmas with a Looseheads Rugby Card

Scrum 1200 WM

Amongst the ongoing onslaught of the digital age, instant messaging, social media, Skype, blah, blah, blah, the act of actually putting pen to paper seems like an antiquated waste of time.

Postcards for example. Who cares? No-one likes being on the receiving end of a picture of a sandy beach, clear blue waters and palm trees, with a speedily scribbled note on the back by a friend boasting about being on the other side of the world.

There’s something different about Christmas cards, though, and we’re all for the tradition of spreading some hand-written festive cheer.

Mauls 1200 WM

And the guys at LooseHeads Rugby Cards are doing their bit to keep the spirit of Christmas alive by refusing to succumb to screaming “Bah! Humbug!” in the streets.

Set up by a few blokes who, in their own words, “meet in the pub, usually talk a lot of nonsense (mainly about rugby), reminisce about our playing days and plan that one last game,” LooseHeads is run by CN Events, a not for profit organisation which aims to help local sport and national sporting charities, through the sale of cards. Over the past years LooseHeads has been able to raise a considerable amount through the sale of cards, for the Matt Hampson Foundation, Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby and junior grassroots rugby.

And what is Christmas all about, if not charity?

Rucking 1200 WM

Among LooseHeads’ collection is a range of rugby themed Christmas illustrated by talented artist Emily Roden, and James Wade, well known for his illustrations in the comic strip, Mr Badshot, which appears in the Shooting Times.

With designs such as ‘Rucking Around the Christmas Tree’, ‘O Scrum All Ye Faithful’ and ‘Deck the Mauls with Boughs of Holly, and with all this year’s profits going to The Matt Hampson Foundation, Take The Three can’t think of a better reason to dust off the quill.

The LooseHeads Rugby Christmas Cards are available now at



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