Ben Kay enters the rugby v football fray

A tweet from Ben Kay has done the rounds this week, the Rugby World Cup-winner wading into the rugby v football debate.

Naturally we enjoy a bit of a dig at roundball every now and then so allow us to present the jury with the two sides to the argument. 

On the one hand, we have Alexis Sanchez – a Chilean waif of a striker who plies his trade for Arsenal. On the other, Nick Schonert, a South African colossus who plays prop for Worcester.

Yellow-carded in his side’s defeat of Leicester on Wednesday evening, for what can only be described as dismally pathetic play-acting that involved him writhing around on the floor, clutching his face in apparent agony, Sanchez later posted a picture of his horrific injury. 

Crikey, that swollen lip must have been excruciating.

So Kay has taken the opportunity to remind us of Schonert’s own experiences of suffering war wounds on a par with Sanchez’s. Oh wait, not on a par, because Schonert’s injury involved a stud from a stray boot splitting his cheek open practically from mouth to ear and the prop needing 40 stitches. 

The injury has left him with a scar that gives Heath Ledger’s The Joker a run for his money. But as per Kay’s tweet, did Schonert roll around on the floor holding his face? No he simply left the fray, covered in blood.


‘Argument’? We’ll let you decide.

UPDATE: Delightful to see Leicester centre-half Robert Huth getting involved too with this scathingly sarcastic tweet aimed at Sanchez [we particularly like the ambulance emoji]:


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